good quality spray dried instant coffee powder

SPRAY DRIED INSTANT COFFEE POWDER (black instant coffee, soluble coffee, instant coffee powder)
+ Usage: Used in the production of instant coffee mix 3 in1 (white coffee, premix coffee), soft drinks and confectionery
+ Ingredient: extracted from 100% green coffee bean. Instant coffee been used from safe materials achieve the best quality and modern production processes, retain the aroma and taste characteristics of products to meet the diverse needs of the market.It is PURE, NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, NO MIXING IMPURITIES.
+ Process: green coffee bean -> cleaning/sorting -> roasting -> grinding -> extraction system (by high temperature and pressure) -> depositing sediment -> evaporation -> spray-dried -> instant coffee powder

+ Specifications:
Density: 260-280G/L (Standard)
Color: 24+/-2 L Value ( Standard)
pH: 4.6-5.5 (Standard)
Moisture: 2.5% ( Standard)

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