Medical Tourism

Price: 1000USD
Heal & Wheel Asia is a “Medical Tourism Facilitator” with its operation across all major location in India and collaboration with most of the major hospital of India.

Over the recent years, India is positioned to become the hub of medical tourism of the world due to top quality of medical treatment, low cost, zero waiting time and personalized care. We as medical tourism facilitators are connected with all different aspects of medical tourism in India and manage a patient’s tour of India for medical treatment. What we bring into the table is quality medical service and most importantly connecting with patients on emotional level like a family member in India and beyond.

Myanmar is one of the biggest markets for medical tourism in India in Asian continent with approximately more than 10,000 patients coming this year from Myanmar alone for medical treatment. This figure speaks a lot about the business opportunity given that there isn’t much awareness about facilitators and choice of hospitals. Given the proximity from India and high quality cost effective treatment what we offer is “Value Medical Travel”

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