Job vacancy Call for Specialists in Bahan

Job Type
Temporary / Contract
Job Status
Part Time
12 Jan, 2018
Job Title

Call for Specialists

Job Presentation
AFSIM is continuously looking for part-time specialists in the agriculture and food sector, to deliver services to its clients.
If you
- are a professional in the agri-food sector with a few years of inductry experience
- have recent knowledge in areas related to AFSIM mission and confirmed communication skills
- are ready to work on consulting basis and involve in project in any part of Myanmar;

We would love to hear from you! Do not hesitate to submit a CV and a brief intro letter at

  • - BSc or MSc in an area related to agri-food sectors
  • - recent knowledge in food technology
  • - a few years experience in the industry in operational positions
  • work home-based or field mission in support to AFSIM activities
  • AFSIM offer compensation based on qualification and aligned with market conditions
no salary, AFSIM work on consulting base

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